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A anonymous server, VPS or proxy is the best solution for projects that need 99% uptime. The benefit not found in our competitors is that, additionally, each customer has the opportunity to order WAF proxying and protection against DDoS attacks. Also, a new and developing project has the opportunity to receive assistance from Flowspec technical support necessary for launching a project into production. Through qualified, friendly support, solution of all issues takes a minimum amount of time.



Failsafe backend, anonymous dedicated or virtual server is the recipe for success for any IT business. That said, anonymousness is a key requirement not only for disreputable projects. In order for OVH, for example, or any other hoster to shut down your server, it takes a properly made abuse. By choosing a anonymous server from FLOWSPEC provider, you may be sure that your server will not be shut down at first complaint. Also, in addition, you may order WAF proxying to protect your web-project against hacker attacks.

  • Dedicated servers
  • VPS
  • WAF Proxy
Intel® Core™ i3-2130 (2 cores | 4 threads)
130 USD
1CORE Intel® Xeon® E7-4850
50 USD
WAF Proxy
Booletproof proxy
Full protection Bullet Proof
500 USD


Domain registration, purchase of an SSL certificate, and rental of a WAF proxy are the three main starting points of any web project. Domain will provide you with your brand awareness for many years of work. It is critical to take the question of choosing domain name zone, as well as its name seriously.

Of no little importance is the registration of an SSL certificate and the rental of a WAF proxy. An SSL certificate will ensure the security of data transmitted between the user's browser and your server. After all, any site can get attacked by hackers; the easiest and most effective way to protect against hacker attacks is to enable WAF-proxy.

The package of these services will allow your Web-project to run smoothly for years and years, and your users to rest assured that their personal data are safe.

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