VPS server

Today, virtual servers are the best alternative to a hosting or a low-power server. VPSs have become so popular that some Internet providers have almost stopped providing shared hosting or provide it at a very low price. If you have a website with a small number of visitors, if you need a server to test your project or just a point to access the Internet and work, then you need to purchase a VPS.

A anonymous VPS in an offshore location will allow you to always remain anonymous and be assured that your data are safe. Our VPS servers are suitable for virtually any task, ranging from Jabber or VPN server to various projects for which anonymousness is important.


Based on your requirements, please decide whether you need to buy a VPS, and whether the resources of the proposed rates are enough. Perhaps it is better to buy a dedicated server right away.


Contact our technical support team and discuss all aspects of using VPS. Once payment and installation of VPS are completed, you will receive an email with access data.


VPS is ready to use. If you need to change the characteristics of the VPS server in the course of work, feel free to contact our technical support team.

  • 1CORE Intel® Xeon® E7-4850
  • 1GB DDR3 | 10GB SSD
  • 1Gbps OnBoard
  • DDoS защита
  • Моментальная активация

$ 50 USD

  • 2CORE Intel® Xeon® E7-4850
  • 2GB DDR3 | 20GB SSD
  • 1Gbps OnBoard
  • DDoS защита
  • Моментальная активация

$ 60 USD

  • 3CORE Intel® Xeon® E7-4850
  • 4GB DDR3 | 30GB SSD
  • 1Gbps OnBoard
  • DDoS защита
  • Моментальная активация

$ 80 USD

  • 4CORE Intel® Xeon® E7-4850
  • 6GB DDR3 | 40GB SSD
  • 1Gbps OnBoard
  • DDoS защита
  • Моментальная активация

$ 100 USD


DDoS Protection

A basic DDo-S protection is activated on the virtualization server. Basic because not all customers need full protection against DDo-S. If you need to activate all the rules of protection against DDo-S, please specify this for technical support team when ordering the service.

Multiple Configuration Options

If the configuration from the list of tariff plans does not suit you, please contact our technical support team. We are always ready to accomodate a customer's needs if it is necessary to add RAM, disk space or processor resources within reasonable limits.

Failsafe Equipment

The virtualization server on the HP Proliant DL580 G7 platform is great for hosting of virtual machines. VMmanager + KVM virtualization + 2 SSD disks in RAID + power redundancy ensure uninterrupted server operation and save it from any hardware faults.

Complete Control

Implementing a virtualization server based on VMmanager from a personal account will give you access to the most complete management of a VPS server possible, including not only power management, but VNC too.

Installation from Your Own ISO

If you do not trust the images provided by ISP Systems or you want to encrypt the VPS, you may install the operating system from your own image via VNC. All the services required for this are available in your personal account.

Transfer Assistance

If you have chosen us over your old hoster, we are always ready to help you with the transfer of your project. Data transfer will be carried out as quickly as possible with the backup of your old server, for reliability.

Fast, Secure RAID

Our server uses fast RAID with data duplication. In the event that any of the disks fails, your data will not be lost. And their restoration will take place substantially immediately.