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Everything you need to start a site gathered on one page. We are happy to give you the opportunity to register a domain, buy an SSL certificate, as well as rent a WAF proxy. It is all about domain because that is is what your customers remember! If for some reason it stops working, it will cause a lot of troube. On this page you can register an anonymous domain.

Several reasons make buying SSL certificate and anonymous proxying a necessity. So that your customers are sure that the data they enter on the site will be safe and that the site will not be shut down at first complaint. An SSL certificate will provide data protection between the customer’s browser and the site, and anonymousness will translate into working and not thinking that the site may be shut down next day.


Anonymous Domain Registration

Nowadays there is much concern about anonymity on the Internet. If you want the domain on which your website will run or runs to never be associated with you, we offer you anonymous domain registration. This will allow you to secure your personal data. Only here you can anonymously register a domain in more than 500 zones. We also recommend that you order our ".onion Domain Generation" service so that your site has a mirror in the Tor network.

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SSL Certificates

One should give more care to the security of the customer and the site! In order for the traffic of the customer between their browser and the site to be encrypted, it is necessary to buy an SSL certificate. You will also protect yourself as the site administrator, since the traffic between your browser and the admin panel of the site will also be encrypted. Buying SSL certificate is also useful for SEO, as search engines give priority to sites with a certificate. And if you decide to purchase an EV certificate from FLOWSPEC hosting provider, with company verification, users' confidence in your site will be elevated to unprecedented levels. It is worth pointing out that we provide full service upon purchase of EV-certificates with the "green bar."


Anonymous Proxy

Internet censorship causes business more and more problems. Of course, you can generate an .onion domain and forget about abuses like a bad dream, but if recent experience is any guide, such domains are very difficult to protect against DDo-S attacks. The solution is to buy a anonymous proxy. Installing this proxy takes exactly the amount of time that your DNS server updates the A-records. That said, if your site is attacked, protection against DDo-S attacks may be enabled. It is also of importance that the Web Application Firewall installed on the proxy will allow you to forget about hacker attacks on your site.

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