Extra services

Exclusively for customers who care about their safety and security of their data, we have developed a range of additional services. If you order the configuration of a personal Jabber server, e-mail server and VPN server, it will allow you to safeguard communication with clients and your personal security. Conversely, the order of .onion domain or cloud backup service generation will ensure that if something happens to the regular domain or site files, the site will always be accessible via the .onion link, and the site files can always be restored. We offer you these and many other services on this page.

Your Own Jabber Server

Despite the fact that Jabber project was founded about 20 years ago, it still remains one of the safest messaging services, probably only surpassed by Telegram. Thanks to OTR, it is almost impossible to decrypt correspondence. However, if you forget to install OTR or your client does not support it, then your correspondence may be compromised. Public Jabber servers.


Secured RDP

If you need a remote workplace from which you can get online or store files that cannot be stored on your computer or in cloud storage, then you need to purchase a secured RDP. In simple terms, secured RDP is Windows Server 2012/2016 operating system based server with full administrator permission. By setting up a firewall on this server, one can ensure a reasonably high level of security. We recommend purchasing your own VPN server along with this service.

I want it


Emails are convenient, using E-mail, we maintain business correspondence, receive customer requests, bind accounts at various services. Lately, due to various restrictions and censorship on the Internet, public E-mail services may be unavailable from various regions. Also, you can never be too sure that your correspondence is not read by a specialist force. In order to be sure of your security and the fact that your correspondence will be delivered and received at all times, you need to buy your own Webmail server.

Cloud Backup Service

We all know that it is better to be safe than sorry about lost data. You may wish to use the "Cloud backup service." When this service is ordered, we will set up backup of your data to our servers and we guarantee that they will be available for restoration at all times. That way, your important data will always be safe, and in case of force majeure you will know how to restore your project.

Tor Domain Generation

More and more people are using Tor browser to disguise their real IP and access blocked resources. Therefore, the existence of an .onion mirror of your site is a necessity for each project. However, domains that are generated by the Tor network have an arbitrary "ugly" character set. We offer you the generation of Tor domains with the symbols you need.


Your Own VPN Server

Personal safety is up to each and everyone. If you use a public VPN server, you should be prepared for the fact that your traffic may be passed on to third parties. And this is not the only downside of public service. Of course, traffic is encrypted, but there are known cases when public VPN services have collaborated with law enforcement agencies against their customer. For you to be confident of your security, we recommend purchasing your own VPN server.


Not all of us have the skills it takes to properly configure a server, firewall, or simply transfer data from the old server. Therefore, we offer you expert assistance of our administrators. You are required to pay for the service and set the task properly. The cost of services is within the scope of generally accepted administration rates.