Public Agreement

 Contract offer

This document is required for review to all visitors and users of our site.
1. Description of services
1. An individual or a legal entity that has been registered by filling out a form on the site has an identifier in the billing system, hereinafter referred to as the “customer”, associated with any of the services provided by Flowspec LTD, hereinafter referred to as the “seller”
1.1. All dedicated and virtual servers, and any other type of service provided to the customer are private and are issued depending on the tariff plan chosen by the customer. The servers are provided with full access (SSH, control panel or FTP access).
1.2. All additional services provided by the seller act according to their description.
1.3 Services provided in the store are not subject to change by the customer, are used exclusively according to the established billing period. The seller reserves the right to make changes to the pricing policy of active services during the entire period of use of services by the customer.
2. User Agreement
2.1. The customer makes the payment server strictly on the checkout page. Servers purchased from third parties are subject to blocking without the possibility of a refund.
2.2. The order form is available to independently determine all the necessary parameters and the tariff plan of the selected service.
2.4. Full access to the equipment is provided for the period that was chosen for payment. After the end of the paid period, the customer will be asked to pay for the extension of services.
2.5. In case of expiration of the paid period and further non-payment, the server or the service will be disabled. After 7 days from the end of the lease term, the server or service is completely removed from the system without the possibility of data recovery.
2.6. The client has the full right to ask for help in technical support, on any issues directly related to the performance of a particular service.
3. Obligations of the parties
3.1. Customer is responsible:

    for making any changes that violate and block the work of the network performer

3.2. The seller collects the following information:
   • Your personal information that you knowingly agreed to disclose to us by becoming a registered user. The provided email address (e-mail).
   • Personal information entered into the user database during registration is not subject to verification.
3.3 Use of the information received:
   • E-mail addresses are not disclosed in publicly available sources and are used by the seller only to identify the customer’s account.
3.4 Providing information, checking the legality of requirements:
The seller never provides personal or contact information about the customer, to third parties. Information provided by the customer during registration on the site is disclosed only after the client has become acquainted with the court decision. Namely, the authorized body: the residence of the physical residence of the customer (suspect). In this case, we are obliged to acquaint the customer with the information provided. The seller is responsible for the need to inform the customer of the services we provide, as soon as possible, about the official court decision regarding the customer. The notification, including a copy of the court decision, will be transmitted to the customer’s side via the ticket system, also to the registration e-mail address (e-mail).
3.5 Rights of the customer:
The customer always has the right of protection, and the seller strongly recommends that you protect your data, initiate a ban on the direct transfer of customer data. The order of refusal to provide information to authorized bodies: it is necessary to provide a scanned copy, a lawyer's answer: having a work status in the country and abroad, with the possibility of contacting directly with a lawyer, and the possibility of identifying his accreditation in the Law Office.
3.5 Seller’s legal arrangements:
The seller does not have the right to transmit any information about the customer, without first informing the customer, and his consent.
4. Form of appeal
4.1. Appeal to the administration and technical support is carried out exclusively through the methods specified on the seller’s website. When contacting the client must:

    observe the norms of formal communication
    describe in detail the essence of the problem, indicating the server ID or additional service
    report after what action the problem was discovered

Also, users are prohibited from:

    use of foul language, scolding
    disrespect to the site staff or its content
    demand, make demands on matters that violate the rules of this contract

In case of violation of one or several rules, the customer receives a warning in accordance with clause 4.2.
4.2 In case of violation of paragraph 4.1 of the rules. customer can get:

 4.2.1. Verbal warning for primary violation of these rules
4.2.2. Refusal of technical support for disrespect to the site staff
4.2.4. Blocking account and active services, without the possibility of returning unused funds for repeated violations and insults site administration

6. Refusal of the services provided

6. If the service is not fully provided, or does not meet the stated characteristics, the return of unused funds is carried out within three working days at the request of the customer.

6.1. In case of refusal of the services provided to the customer, return of unused funds is carried out only if there are objective reasons why the customer refuses to use the services already rendered to him.

6.2. The amount of the payment depends on the number of unused rental days. Payment is made only to the payment details of the customer.

6.3. Return of unused funds is made at the request of the customer, sent through a personal account to technical support, after which the application is considered by the administration for a period of up to 3 working days and a decision is made to pay the funds.

6.4. Refunds for already rendered services are not made.

6.5. The administration has the full right to refuse to return the funds due to non-objective reasons of the client (see 6.1. Paragraph of the rules).

6.6. Refunds are also not made, if the client has used testing the quality of services, which provides for an absolutely free test server or service, the possibility of ordering such a service must be coordinated via the ticket system in the seller’s personal account.

7. Denial of service

7.1. The seller has the right to refuse the customer in the provision of services for violations by the customer of the items of this agreement.