Who are we?

We are a team of professionals. Years of experience in the provision of hosting services has allowed us to understand how to ensure the almost 100% level of resistance to use and the safety of our customers. Trusting us with your project, you can be sure that we will try our best to ensure its resiliency. At the same time, the whole range of services is available to you, from domain registration and server administration, to setting up the .onion mirror and personal VPN

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If you have any questions, please, write them in this form. It's comfortable. When composing a letter, you will reread it several times and ask all the necessary questions. And we will give a meaningful response to it within a few hours.



In order to save our and your time, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • What projects cannot be placed in your data center?
    It is forbidden to post any kind of porn, as well as materials of extremist and terrorist content on our servers. In other situations, everything is individual. Some projects cause a lot of problems, other - a few. If your server will receive a huge number of abuses that do not comply with the original agreements, we can reconsider the conditions of our cooperation and raise the price.
  • Do you have a trial period?
    Not. We provide services in our facilities and networks. We do not have any reseller of other servers. All you need to know before cooperating with us is: ICMP and UDP is closed.
    In all other respects, we are no different from other hosters. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will return the funds within 7 working days after payment for the service. The trial period is not needed.
  • Tell us about your protection.
    To protect against DDo-S attacks, we use a geo-distributed filters network connected to a high-bandwidth Internet channel. Thus, incoming traffic is analyzed, all anomalies and any non-standard network activity are detected in the traffic.
    Our technologies allow adapting the protection mechanisms for new types of attacks in a few minutes, thereby saving your money and time.Filtration network capacity is up to 1 Tbps and 70M PPS. Guaranteed availability of your resources 24/7. All our servers are connected to protection.
    Each of our web servers is equipped with multi-level protection, which filters traffic inside the server and based on statistical data for each website, can detect illegitimate requests and effectively neutralize them.
  • I do not have server administration skills, can I order administration from you?
    Yes, of course, you can order an administration service from us in the Extra Services section.
  • My .onion domain under DDo-S attack, do you provide .onion domain protection against DDoS attacks?
    Yes, we have a service to protect .onion domains from DDoS attacks. Trusting us to protect your TOR domain, you can rest assured that it will not be possible to disable the DDoS attack.
  • There is no configuration suitable for me in the list of available servers and VPS. Is it possible to change the configuration of the server or VPS?
    Of course it is possible, but the price of the server will change. It is also worth considering that if you want to change the configuration of the VPS server, then it will be fast, we only need to change the configuration of your server on the virtualization server. However, if it’s a dedicated server, then the configuration menu may take time, since the necessary components may not be available.
  • Can I order a backup server?
    We have a special service - Cloud Bekep service. As part of this service, you will need to indicate what data you need to copy. If you need this information, you will be provided with a copy.
  • What payment methods do you support?
    To pay for our services, you can use an Interkassa payment aggregator, as well as pay for Bitcoin cryptocurrency services.
  • Can you order an additional IP address?
    Yes, additional IPs are available for order in your account.
  • Can I use KVM/VNC to server?
    KVM and VNC are available for use on dedicated HP servers as well as virtual servers. On a virtual server, VNC is available to you on an ongoing basis in the control panel. For Dedicated Servers, KVM connects on request. If necessary, you can arrange permanent access to KVM.

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